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The End of Procrastination Starts HERE

I am writing this because the enemy has had a grip on me and so many other people for far too long, and I am tired of it. In a way, I am trying to metaphorically stomp on the enemy's head. I know that it would not be in his favor for me to post this, and I know he will try to do everything in his power to try to stop me, but if this gets to you, it’s because he does not have a say anymore. I am so happy to speak about this because I have struggled with it for years, and if this can help you, then that is a win for the kingdom of God.

If there’s anything I want to accomplish through this website it’s that I want to be real and honest about things that the church usually does not talk about but are silently hurting the body of Christ. The enemy has been coming after Christians and killing their God-given desires, goals, and gifts because of this one thing; procrastination. Without even realizing, it messes with your mind and your self-esteem. Has procrastination left you in a pit of depression or has depression prevented you from productive living? I think that there is such a huge link between the two, and it can leave you in a state of stagnation. Do you feel you don’t know how to live with self-control?

“For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7

You have created such high expectations for yourself that you don't even know how to begin to be the person that God has called you to be. Sure, there are so many self-help books on how to be motivated and diligent. These are great attributes to strive for, but there is a deeper issue that goes beyond merely getting work done. It is not about that at all because doing things in your own power and strength is exhausting.

What God said to me was that He gives me favor, and He gives me all I need. He provides and gives me the knowledge, peace, anything I could ever ask for, but we oversee bringing that to the world. It’s something that you can’t just obtain in regular self-help books; you can’t find peace in simply being disciplined. You need discipline and the spirit of Christ to be lifted to your highest potential. I believe that one of the main targets of the enemy is to get God’s children to be undisciplined, unprepared, and procrastinate because nothing major can be done in this world if Christ followers struggle in this area. Thus, leading this generation of Christians to be some of the most ill equipped and unprepared because we have been relying on something to happen for us instead of being the person that makes things happen. God says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” and you can’t “go” if you just sit on your couch and watch Netflix or scroll through Instagram every minute of free time that you have.

I believe that one of the main targets of the enemy is to get God’s children to be undisciplined, unprepared, and procrastinate because nothing major can be done in this world if Christ followers struggle in this area

How to identify when it is time to get going or are still in a season of waiting.

This really depends on what God tells you, but one of the signs of needing to wait is if you haven’t received a clear sign from God that you should start, and in that case, you need to work on your craft just like David did before he was king. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to refine your skills that God has placed within you, and yes, sometimes you have to go before those skills are refined and that requires faith, but don't despise the waiting and don't waste the waiting by doing nothing at all.

I want to share my personal testimony when it comes to this, because I felt like procrastination had ruined my life completely. Thankfully God is gracious. I was always so hard on myself because I wanted to be the best at all that I did. It was school where I struggled in this area the most because I had a lot of work to do and did not study as much as I needed to. It led to lying to my professors, feelings of inadequacy, and self-hatred. The reality was I just didn't know how to put the time into something. I didn't recognize that the effort I gave every day would help me succeed in the long run, so I gave up altogether.

I started to believe that I didn’t deserve to have good grades. It sent me into a spiral of not doing anything because I felt like I would fail if I even tried. I didn’t even know how to start because I felt like I had already wasted so much time. There were days I woke up unable to get out of bed, not wanting to be alive instead of doing something about it. I didn’t realize that the solution to my problem was grace. I didn’t need to beat myself up for the day before, but I could try a little harder that next day. I didn’t realize that God’s grace was enough for me. God paid the price for my failures. I didn’t have to hate myself, but because I didn’t have that mentality before I entered school, I suffered so much. I know, however, that God is a God that turns failures for His glory, and I believe God will make being disciplined my biggest strength and this is why. My last semester I decided I was going to fast something--anything. Every single day I was in school, I would walk and talk to God. I knew I would have to get serious about this and to do what I needed to get done, my mindset had to change. I needed to put God first. Whenever I would start to stress, like I couldn't get things done, I would worship. It sounds the opposite of what I should have been doing, but once I did that, it gave me the ability to focus, and the things that I thought were impossible to do would get done. I really don't know exactly how but it did.

I am going to continue in this journey for as long as I reach my goal, because fasting is so powerful, and this trend of undisciplined living is a generational curse which has been passed down to me for sure. Although my struggle may not be your struggle, the concept of putting God first is applicable to all kinds of sin cycles. It's not always easy to get rid of bondage, and it may take a lot of sacrifice in order to get there, but it is always worth it. Many Christians give up after they pray one time, but God says to pray without ceasing (1Thessalonians 5:17) as well as to give thanks to the Lord. I found my focus completely changed from what I was worried about to how good God is, knowing He will never leave me nor forsake me (Hebrews 13:5). God wants to help you at the rate that you are willing to change, and some bondages are more powerful than others, but overcoming that is so amazing, so don't give up.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Working hard to succeed shouldn't be the priority in life like this world tells us, but it is placing our eyes on Christ as our first priority every day that leads to fulfillment. There are two really good quotes that I read in "They Found the Secret" and they are:

"I no longer have the burden of running my own life. At last I have a governor that is capable of governing."
"It is not inactivity, it is simply His Activity, and that is what makes the difference. It is possible to do ten times as much work as most people can do without breaking down when it is not our activity but His!"

I want to convince you that all power is in Christ and Christ alone. When you realize that you can do nothing apart from Him, that is when your life really starts to flourish.

This is how our weaknesses become our strengths. If you are so bad at something, you have no choice but to rely on the Holy Spirit, and when you rely on the Holy Spirit, then it is not your own effort but reliance on God working through you. I love that so much because all I have to do is make room and invite the Holy Spirit in your life, and that comes through prayer. Just pray daily to make the Holy Spirit the front man of your life and ask God to make His plans for you known, so that you will have the tools and ability to conquer the day. Always start with prayer and the Word. You cannot go wrong there.

It can be so easy to beat ourselves up when we fail, but do you know what’s crazy about God’s mercies? That they are new every morning. That’s actually crazy! Everything you did the day before is gone. When you wake up in the morning, just know that His mercy has given you another chance. Let us not be content where we are and appreciate God for who He is and how wonderful He has created us to be. His plan for you is a start away. I am not trying to guilt anyone into this because I know what it’s like for people to tell me I’m lazy or I am never going to do it or all the ugly things I said to myself that made me feel like a failure, but God will help you and you don’t have to do this alone. Start with God and make Him the priority in your life.

There is no chain that God cannot break for those that are desperate for change.


Lord, I know that there is deep-rooted pain in this topic, and people have felt so helpless, but Lord, You will defeat the lies of the enemy and the voice that tells us that we are not enough and that we should stop altogether. Lord, I rebuke the plans of the enemy and ask that Your plan would overcome the lies of all those seeking change and those who don't even know how to change. I ask that You give us all the grace that is needed according to our faults and that You will once again restore us to who You have created us to be. We don't want to waste our lives anymore because there is simply not a lot of time. I pray that You move in our hearts and let us know that You give us all the power that we need, so may we rest in You, not that we would have to work harder but work effectively for Your kingdom. May we labor and know that it is not in vain. We have the assurance as believers to know that everything we plant will reap a harvest and for that I give You thanks. I pray all of this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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